Our Values

Making as a process

For us, making isn’t just a hobby! Making adds richness, depth and meaning to our lives, enabling us to truly live our values in our everyday. Making things with our hands supports us, connects us to ourselves, and our community, and ultimately transforms our lives.

Connection & Community

Our deepest desire as humans is to be seen for who we are. Sharing our stories and experiences is how we connect. We believe that our craft builds community through our shared passion and the understanding of what making means. We believe that face to face connections trump online any day.

The Small Intangible Things in Life.

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives”- Annie Dillard.

That the little things we do, and decisions we make everyday matter. That where things come from matters as much as what they are. That being and doing is more important than getting and having. That a handmade gift is more valuable than store bought. That the joy we feel when we make, carries into our days at work, school and with our families, transforming the world in ripples.

Open-minded generous sharing

We believe that knowledge and experience should be generously and openly shared, with an emphasis on practice not perfection. We believe there is no one right way to do things, and while tradition has things to teach us, so does experimentation.

Taking Responsibility and Giving Back

We want to ensure that our making enriches the world. We believe in taking social and environmental responsibility for the impact our lives have in the context of our making, and as such we are conscious of how we purchase, what we purchase and how much we purchase. This includes the entire supply chain from conception to disposal. We believe in giving back.