Expect to have time and space to immerse yourself in all things craft!

Expect to have conversations with people who understand at a deep level why you love making. Yay!

Expect to say hi to a stranger and have them say hi back to you.

Expect to meet some of your crafting hero's. Just wander on up and say hi!

Expect to sit down at a table with a group of people you don't know.

Expect to wear a nametag all day. This one is important as it helps if we know someone's name when we are meeting them.

Expect to eat well and feel nurtured.

Expect to bring your coffee cups, water bottle and bags. You can see more about our Waste Policy here but minimising the impact of the festival is important to us.

Expect to rug up. We have the whole of the Meat Market including the garden and the stables and so you might be nippy.

Expect to have access to beautiful materials from some very special vendors.

And finally - and this one is a little sad - expect to not be able to see everything that interests you. We have jam packed the program so it is entirely likely that at some stage in the weekend you will want to be in two places at once. We apologise but also hope that this makes you a little happy on some level? x

What To Bring

Your ticket! Either on your phone (our preferred option) or printed out.

A friend? Or not. Either will be fun. There will be lots of time and space to meet people.

A project to work on. It will come in handy while you are listening to a speaker or watching a demo. No worries if you don't.

Your re-useable bags, your coffee cup and a drink bottle. This will help us to achieve our minimal waste targets. If you forget, we will have an option or two available but we are hoping we won't really need them.

Lots of layers - It will be Melbourne. It will be June. Absolutely anything could happen weather wise and there is nothing worse than being cold. It is a heritage building and while there is heating .... well, you know....


Accommodation is plentiful in the city through standard hotel booking websites or airbnb. Look in Melbourne city centre, North Melbourne and Parkville (which are right next to one another) to be closest to the venue.

A couple of other suburbs you might consider staying in, for those of you that don’t mind a tram ride or some foot work, are Carlton, Collingwood or Fitzroy.


The venue can be found at 5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne VIC 3051.

It is incredibly easy to get to via public transport and a short walk.

According to Metlink it is an 18min tram journey/short walk from Flinders Street to the venue.


Food and Drink

It wouldn’t be an event by The Craft Sessions without glorious food.

We believe in food, really good food and that is what we will be providing at Soul Craft. And good coffee. That is also essential. We will have a combination of food trucks (really delicious ones!) as well as our onsite café.

Many dietaries will be catered for however you are also welcome to bring your own snacks if you would prefer to.


Disabled Access

The venue is fully accessible. Please speak to one of our lovely staff or volunteers to understand the best way to access specific spaces on the day.