FEARLESS steeking



Ophelie Lechat


Steeking is traditionally used on knit-in-the-round jumpers to open the front, creating a cardigan. Stitches are secured on either side of the cutting line, then the stitches are cut vertically. Edges are then picked up neatly and knit up into button band.

In this workshop, students will learn to recognise a good candidate for steeking: which yarns are best used, and which patterns will give the best results. They will then use two different techniques to secure their stitches: a crochet chain and a sewing machine stitch, before cutting their samples in two. The final touch: the simplest, neatest way to pick up a column of stitches.



This price includes entry to the entire Soul Craft Festival for the day of the masterclass.


Students will understand the best uses of steeking, material and pattern selection, and suitable gauge for steeked projects.


  • A 3mm crochet hook.
  • Two colourwork samples made in Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumper Weight (pattern will be sent to students), and leftover yarn from the samples.
  • A pair of 3mm needles.
  • Fabric scissors.


Students should be comfortable working colourwork with small needles.


Students will be required to knit two colourwork samples in 2ply Jamieson & Smith jumper weight yarn. Details of the yarn and the pattern will be sent out to participants.