intro to colourwork



Ophelie Lechat


We’ll get straight to work with needles and yarn, learning the tricks to knitting with two colours at once - the various ways to hold the two yarns, carrying the unused yarn neatly at the back, working in the round, colour dominance and more. At the same time, we’ll take a brief look into the traditions of colourwork knitting and discuss the basics of colour theory and working with colour charts.

We will be using a pattern Jules Billings made especially for The Craft Sessions.



This price includes entry to the entire Soul Craft Festival for the day of the masterclass.


The beginnings of our colourwork hat and the confidence to take on more complex colourwork designs.


Participants will be required to work the band of the hat before the class. Instructions for this, as well as the required yarn quantities and needle sizes, will be provided before the event. Knitting the band before the class means we can get straight into the colourwork!

Woolly, non-superwash, 10ply yarn in 2-5 shades. Details of how to choose the yarn colours will be sent via email.


Participants should be comfortable with casting on and off and knit and purl prior to this class. Some experience knitting in the round would be helpful.


Before this class student will be required to knit the band of a hat. Details of the pattern will be sent to you via email. 


Adventurous beginner/intermediate