Connection Policy

This festival is about connection. Connection is at the core of why we do what we do, and so how we can make connection easier for all of you (especially you shy types) has been at the centre of what we have put together. This isn’t like many other big craft events you have been to - for example we will all have name tags, and spaces and activities have been designed to encourage chitchat and conversation. Connection – especially connections that include our love of craft – really are the secret sauce of life.

Waste Policy -
Cups, Bags
and Bottles

As we care deeply about the impact we have on the environment, we have decided to make the festival bag free. We ask that you bring your bags with you.

Our second ask, is that you bring your coffee cup and your water bottles. Ideally we would love to see the number of cups used at the event – coffee and otherwise – at a big fat zero. We will be tracking this to see how we did so please help us out!

While we would love to go totally waste-free, this is our first year and so we aren’t being quite that ambitious. Yet. We will however be trying to minimize our waste – and so we ask that you make sure to separate your waste into compostable and recyclables at the event. Let’s make it happen.

Giving Back Policy

We believe in giving back. We know the power craft can have in our lives, and want to share that with as many people as we are able to. As we all know, making things with our hands can dramatically affect our wellbeing and support us in our everyday.

As such 10% of all profit made by the event will be invested in projects that improve the wellbeing of women through craft. Some of this money will be given in the form of scholarships and grants to people and projects within our community. Some will be in charitable donations through things like micro-loans. We will be fully transparent on where this money has been assigned.

Please email us if you would like details about our 2018 donation.