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Anna Ng


During this masterclass you gain an understanding about working with boiled wool, ponte, scuba or neoprene while sewing an unlined jacket.  Please note the Sydney jacket can only be made in fabrics that don’t fray as the edges are left raw.  That’s right… no hemming!

Anna will guide you through working with overlapped seams, fitting together unusually shaped pattern pieces and the benefits of hand basting shifty shoulder darts.  Students will work at their own pace and Anna will provide targeted teaching moments as required. 



This price includes entry to the entire Soul Craft Festival for the day of the masterclass.


Participants will go home with a new stylish jacket and a great sense of achievement.


  • A copy of Tessuti’s Sydney Jacket Pattern (available in printed or electronic form) 
  • 1.65m to 2m of 140cm wide fabric depending on your size (see pattern for exact requirements).
  • All-purpose polyester thread to match your fabric.
  • Universal sewing needle.
  • Sewing machine*.
  • Fabric scissors (for cutting open the pocket).
  • Small sharp scissors (for snipping threads).
  • Pins.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Tailors chalk.
  • Quick unpick.
  • Hand sewing needle.

*Some machines will be available for hire if you are unable to bring your own.


Students will be required to be familiar with a sewing machine – threading a machine, winding a bobbin, replacing a bobbin and changing a sewing needle.


Before this class student will be required to purchase the pattern, trace off their preferred size and cut out their fabric. Written instructions for tasks to be completed at home will be provided.


Advanced Beginner/Intermediate with some garment making experience.